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Tropical Paradise Theme Parties

Updated: Mar 30

With summer almost here Wonder Events are busy planning a tropical-themed birthday party and what better way to inspire us, we have created a mood board reflecting an indoors, outdoor tropical atmosphere.

A birthday party with a perfect combination of tropical and elegance to create an ambience that is both fun and relaxing. Our research into themes, styling ideas and bespoke art creations has inspired us.

Incorporating gold and tropical green in home decor is becoming increasingly popular. This trend has led to a variety of new furnishing options, allowing people to get creative with tropical themes.

White, gold/copper, and green has served as a great inspiration for the venue dressing for the tropical-themed birthday party. These colours work together elegantly without appearing too opulent and overdressed. The gold and copper accents add a touch of understated luxury to the overall design.

For a tropical feel to the venue, we are bringing in indoor banana plants and kentia palms to complement the decor. We will also be adding tall palm trees to create a natural environment, which will open freshness into the room. Additionally, we will be adding colourful plants with golden pineapple centerpieces to add a touch of fun. Collaborating with our long-term florist supplier to provide some of the most stunning floral designs.

Below are some images for inspiration

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