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Gatsby Party



Gatsby Party


To produce Gatsby theme party at a private residence on the Wentworth Estate, Virginia Water, for 100 guests. To provide styling, design for invitations, props, dance area, catering and bar and entertainment.


Custom designed Gatsby style invitations were sent to each guest with a black and gold feather.  NO feather NO entry!

The 1920's vintage car and roaming spot lights set the scene of prohibition as guests arrived.


Entering the hallway guests were greeted with a Gatsby style front desk and personal belongings were stored in a coat room. 


We decorated the extension for the seating area with black leather

chesterfield sofas, matching black banquette cube seats, Palm trees and chandelier lamps.  

Each table had custom made menus for food and drinks.  

At the entrance to the dance floor we used large round balloons with tassels.  

We had a black and white chequered dance floor with an amazing 1920's band on stage.

Behind the mirrored bar sat a beautiful large blossom tree. 

The bar was decorated with gold vases filled with large white boa feathers. The signature cocktails on the night were 1920's style and champagne was ready for guests on arrival. 

We had professional lighting throughout the evening that would change with the style of the music.

For catering we had 5 canapés and 3 bowl foods which were served throughout the evening.


 At the end of the night Wonder Events organise taxi's home. 


The party was a huge success, thank you Paula. We will  recommend you to anyone.
CEO - Leading UK Telecom Company

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