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60th Birthday Party



60th Birthday Party


To design and style a summer party for 130 guests.  To include, invitations, band, DJ, catering, marquee, props, lighting and mixologists for a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and milestone birthdays.


On arrival we had 2 flambeaux's to make an entrance.

Guests entered the house and were greeted by Wonder Events. Personal belongings were collected and stored in the cloakroom. ​


As the guests approached the veranda they were served Champagne in imperial crystal glasses. On the veranda, white banquette cube seats and tables with a mirror top created an area to socialise.


A variety of vintage candle holders where placed on each table with a vase of flowers. Also on the tables were custom made white menus for the food and cocktails.


Looking into the marquee you notice the custom made mirror initials with foliage behind.  This was a place for friends and family to take photos throughout the evening. ​ The floor was boarded and cut around the flower beds to include them in the Marquee, this was then covered with a pale grey carpet.


On the left of the marquee was a mirrored bar with chandelier lamps and custom menu's for food and drinks.  Either side of the bar we had 2 white apple blossom trees. Also sat on the bar were two tall crystal chandeliers on a mirrored stand. Surrounding the marquee were poseur tables covered with pale grey table cloth and white leather stalls. On the ceiling we had a beautiful crystal chandelier. On the right of the marquee was a white dance floor with 6 custom made disco balls hanging above.  Around the dance floor were white banquette cube tables with mirror tops.  On the tables we had the menu's,  a variety of vintage candle holders and a vase with filled with roses. ​


Next to the dance floor we had a 6-piece band and DJ. ​


Catering was brought to the guests with a choice of  5 canapés to start and 3 bowl food options. ​ Professional lighting throughout the marquee, so it was beautifully lit and ready for the dance floor. ​


Wonder Events ensure everyone receives their jackets and organise taxi's on request. At the end of the night we provided each guest with a complimentary bottle of water. ​


Working with Paula and her team took all the stress out of planning and having our event.  Paula was very imaginative about the way we could present the location to its best advantage, and worked well to our budget.  She organised marquee, furniture, catering, bar and band, and all were excellent. We were able to thoroughly enjoy our own event, which went perfectly.  She even produced a beautiful balmy summer evening to order!

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